About Erika

Timing is everything! If you are reading this, chances are that now is the time. Being real, raw, and vulnerable isn't easy but it's absolutely worth it. I work to create an environment that allows for careful examination and reflection while being mindful of where each person is and where they would like to be. It is possible to live a life of acceptance and gratitude which allows you to grow and move through life's greatest challenges. I have worked in the social work field for over 20 years and I love it! I've worked with people from very diverse walks of life and in all age groups. No kidding, birth - 101 years old!

Don't wait for others or life's circumstances to change when the capacity is within you. Take the first step and see if this is a good therapeutic fit for you. You can call or email to schedule a free phone consultation.

Phone :  406-272-2224.